Joshua Nicholson

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  • Affiliation

    Founder, The Winnower
  • Location

    New York, NY
  • Scientific Interests

    I recently received my PhD from Virginia Tech studying the role of aneuploidy in cancer in the lab of Dr. Daniela Cimini. I'm interested in all things science publishing.

Papers Published

Papers Reviewed

Measuring the Influence of Commercial Entities in the Twitter backchannels of medical conferences: The #MICEproject

  • Tejas Desai (@nephondemand)
  • Vibhu Dhingra (@doc_dhingra)
  • Afreen Shariff (@ashartwit)
  • Aabid Shariff (@aabidshariff)
  • Edgar Lerma (@edgarvlermamd)

Twitter backchannels are increasingly popular at medical conferences.  A variety of user groups, including healthcare providers and third party entities (e.g., pharmaceutical or medical device comp...

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