Ritchie Yan

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    Space & Cosmology Poster, Space & Cosmology Poster
    Multiverse Cosmologist, Multiverse Cosmologist
    Lifelong Learner, World Science U., World Science Festival
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    Astronomy, Physics, science, comptuers, internet, web design, Cosmology, Topology (Mathematics), fractals, museums, planetauriums, basketball, library science, multiverse, meta-universe, string theory, Many Worlds Theory, Multiverse Theory, many-worlds interpretation, many-universes interpretation, Lee Smolin, s Cosmological Natural Selection, Lee Smolin, s Loop Gravity / Baby Universes, Brian Greene's Universe or Multiverse, internet research, Research, museum studies, library studies, Computer Graphics, Astrophysics, Cosmogony, Homotopy (Mathematics), Fractal Art, Multiverse Art, Metaphysics, Sir Martin Rees's Multiverse, Alex Vilenkin's Many Worlds in One, One of Many Universes, One universe or Many Universes, eternal inflation, Brane Cosmology, Alan Guth's Inflationary Theory, Paul Davies's Superspace, Marcia Bartusiak's Superspace and space-time foam, Andrei Linde, Roger Penrose, Max Tegmark, Lawrence M. Krauss, Hugh Everett III, Sidney Coleman, Paul Halpern, John A. Wheeler

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