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Transparent Publishing, Transparent Pricing

This past May marked the anniversary of our launch. We said congrats to one another and then continued working. There’s little time for fanfare when we have much to work to do. We are happy that we’ve helped hundreds of authors publish their work openly, but our job is far, ... ... read more »


The Young and The Voiceless

There is an entire generation of scholars that are largely restricted from scholarly publishing. They’re called many names: riffraff, trainees, students, and other not so nice monikers. They are young and, for the most part, voiceless. Not because they don't have anything to say, ... ... read more »


"A More Open World of Science"

It was a year ago that the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian tweeted “Scientific publishing + reddit= and hopefully a more open world of science” A year later we get closer to that description with the release of a feature we have been talking about and working on for ... ... read more »

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What are Winnower authors DOIng?

Two weeks ago we announced the release of our Wordpress plugin that allows bloggers to archive(via CLOCKSS)and assign digital object identifiers (via CrossRef) to their content. We have had many great papers since then and are encouraged that many more are on their way. While we conti... ... read more »


Hello Overleaf!

I am a biologist. I work on Microsoft Word and use Endnote (*ducks in anticipation of tomatoes being thrown). Since entering into the world of scientific publishing it has become increasing clear that these are NOT the best solutions— not even close. But they are all I know ... ... read more »

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Altmetrics—The Agora of Scientific Discussion on The Web

In an effort to further open scientific communication we are happy to announce today that all articles on The Winnower will feature Altmetrics. Altmetrics, short for alternative metrics, are metrics that track mentions and discussions occurring around an individual article. While w... ... read more »

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With the advent of cheap, accessible media like blogs and websites, the medical community has launched into full excitement over sharing resources to better patient care. These lofty goals are possibly at the core of the Hippocratic oath itself (Nickson & Cadogan, 2014). FOAM (Free Open... ... read more »