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Publish and Prosper

Recently, we put out a call for students to publish their class work or independent research on The Winnower. Our rationale was that new ideas and new voices should not be limited by an outdated publishing system/model. We’re happy that our call was heard and happy t... ... read more »

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Contest and Showcase: The Rewards of Being Open

There is a growing body of evidence that open access, open data, and open methodologies accelerate discovery and expand access to research results. However, for open approaches to science and scholarship to be widely adopted, sharing one’s research early and openly must explicitly benefit c... ... read more »

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Opening the Door on Peer Review

We are excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a small grant from OpenAire to integrate with Zenodo, a wonderful scholarly repository run on the same infrastructure as CERN. Our grant aims to implement and test a new model of open peer review by positioning reviews as papers in the... ... read more »


It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Open-Access Man!

Okay, there is no such thing as super open-access man, but if there were Juan Pablo Alperin may fit that role. He’s been seen wearing an open-access cape at conferences, he has just finished a PhD at Stanford studying how open-access impacts the public in Latin America, and he is an Assi... ... read more »


I Can Haz DOI & Archival for reddit?

The largest interface between scientists and the public is not through scientific journals, but through reddit, the so-called front page of the Internet. reddit, a forum wherein millions of registered users submit content from across the web and then rank it through “upvotes” or “downvo... ... read more »

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Beyond the Standard Article

The Winnower is not your typical scholarly publisher. We’re not restrictive of word length, citation count, color figures, or even article type. Scholarly discourse doesn’t need to always follow the traditional scholarly outline and we’d like to highlight examples published on the... ... read more »

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What are Winnower Authors DOIng? Part 2.

By putting authors in control of publishing at The Winnower we’ve removed arbitrary limits on article format, length, and types of content that can be published. By DOIng so we’ve allowed a diversity of articles to flourish. We highlight some below in hopes of encouraging more ide... ... read more »