What’s wrong with peer review? A Roundup

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There is considerable interest currently in news surrounding Open Access and peer review. Below is a collection of recent articles discussing peer review as it stands today and possibilities of how peer review may work in the near future.  We’ll be launching our solution here at The Winnower in early 2014!

1. Who’s Afraid of Peer Review

A spoof science paper was accepted to over 150 Open Access journals. This is the original story of how that was done and why.

2. I confess, I wrote the Arsenic DNA paper to expose flaws in peer-review at subscription based journals

A biologist at UC Berkeley describes how a severely flawed paper was published in Science, the same journal that attempted to uncover flaws in Open Access publishing. These two articles taken together speak to the need for a better system of science publishing.

3. Expert Failure: Re-evaluating Research Assessment

How do we evaluate the value of scientific output? What’s working and what’s not? This article talks about the problems we are currently facing.

4. New wave of online peer review and discussion tools frightens some scientists

Why does post-publication peer review matter? How does it make science better? This is a great case study on how post-publication peer review makes things better.

5. How science goes wrong

Poor experiments, bad analysis and too much trust is causing a big problem and limiting the impact of science. Careerism and other issues are discussed to demonstrate how science needs to improve.

6. Flawed data slip through

Recent study finds that journal papers often contain erroneous or incomplete data.

7. Medical Journals: “a colossal problem of quality”

An exploration of issues with traditional peer review and proposed solutions over the last 20 years.

8. Why We’re Shutting Off Our Comments

Why Popular Science will no longer accept comments on new articles.

9. Peer review: how to get it right – 10 tips

Brian Lucey shares some expert advice on how to be helpful, scientific and professional when reviewing a paper.

10.The Real Peer Review: Post-Publication

Shortcomings of the traditional peer review process and solutions for moving forward.

What are some other great articles on Peer review and open access? Did we miss any? Let us know about them in the comments section below.