The Winnower Joins Authorea

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The scholarly publishing industry is making a mint at the expense of the world's leading research universities, researchers, and taxpayers. With misplaced incentives, old technology, and a backwards pricing structure, the incumbent publishers of today continue to make it difficult and expensive for researchers to communicate their findings and for libraries to provide access to this research.

From Day 1, The Winnower has suggested an alternative path. We believe that communication of research results is as important as research itself and we were founded to make the publication process more transparent, cost-effective, and open for producers and consumers of scientific work.

Since May 2014, we've published the work of over five thousand authors at leading institutions around the world. We've focused on empowering the individual researcher by giving him or her the tools to mint DOIs and receive permanent archival. We've also made it easy to publish Grey literature such as r/science AMAs, NIH RFI responses, journal club discussions, foldscope images, class essays, and original research.

Today marks a big step forward to the goal of disrupting scholarly publishing. The Winnower is pleased to announce that today we're joining Authorea!  Authorea has an exciting track record of empowering researchers to control the output and dissemination of their work. We're excited to join a growing team at Authorea to create a better future, together, and we hope you'll join us!