The Winnerrers

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We set out to collect inspiring, impactful stories of how open science and scholarship have driven personal and research success.  Like contest author and librarian Brianna Marshall writes of her experience at OpenCon 2014, we think every smart, thoughtful, funny and moving story in this collection make openness feel inevitable.  The experiences, accomplishments, and innovations shared by our contest authors exemplify the diverse ways early career scholars are working to, as Ross Mounce describes, enrich the ways science is communicated. We could not be more proud!  

It’s cliché, but true - we wish we could award every story.  Our reviewers were obviously inspired, and we hope the visibility and openness of the ARCS2015 collection will drive new collaborations and recognition for all. 

Now on to our winners…congratulations to Shreejoy Tripathy and Bastian Greshake!  

Shreejoy’s entry, How Becoming an Open Scientist Made me Fall Back in Love with Neuroscience, received the highest marks from our review committee.  As one of our reviews noted:  

“His essay is inspirational because it tells the story one person’s transformation from obsession with impact factor to creation of an open tool.”  

Bastian is our crowd-sourced winner.  With You Don’t Get to 2000 Open Data Sets Without Making a Few Friends – or: How I Got to be Called the Mark Zuckerberg of Open Source Genetics, Bastian wowed our readers and reviewers.  As Melissa Haendel commented, “It’s the story that all scientists want to come true.”  Shreejoy and Bastian will each receive a $1,000 USD prize.  

We passionately agree with Draw Science founder Vip Sitaraman that “by being open we are investing in the future.”  Our hope is that this collection, with the passion and accomplishments it documents, will inspire new investments in this future.  

Congratulations again to Bastian, Shreejoy, thank you to all the authors for sharing their open success stories, and much appreciation to our dedicated review committee!

Cheers to the close of an awesome OA week!

The Open Success Stories review committee included:

Bev Acreman, Vice President, Marketing and Open Access Business Development, BioMed Central 

Melissa Haendel, Director of Ontology Group, Oregon Health & Science University

Brian Long, Scientist, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Robert H. McDonaldAssociate Dean for Library Technologies, Deputy Director-Data to Insight Center, Pervasive Technology Institute, Indiana University

Danielle Robinson, PhD Candidate, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Oregon Health & Science University

Stephanie Westcott, Co-Project Director, PressForward Project, Managing Editor, Journal of Digital HumanitiesDigital Humanities Now, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media