Terrier: an open-source tool used to retrieve metadata of scholarly works

Img 2304
Terrier hard at work

He will stop at nothing. He will jump through hoops to get what he wants. He’s cute, he’s cuddly. No, we’re not talking about our CEO but our CDO. CDO? Yes, our Chief Dog Officer, Pete, the Boston Terrier.  Today we release an open-source gem called, “Terrier.”

Terrier, much like Pete, fetches things.  Terrier is a tool that can fetch metadata from a variety of scholarly resources.  On The Winnower we use Terrier to pull bibliographic information from any object or article with a digital object identifier (DOI) and display it for the journal clubs and post-publication peer reviews we publish.  Terrier was developed with support from OpenAire, and fitting with their ethos we have developed terrier into an open-source gem.  We’re happy to do this and in fact are happy to open our entire codebase to any developers that wish to help make The Winnower am even better platform and experience!

So, have a look at it and if it is useful to you or your organization use it!  That’s how research should operate, open and reusable.

Fetch, Terrier, Fetch!


Terrier github repo