9 Reasons to publish your journal clubs and peer reviews on The Winnower

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It’s the first workweek of 2016 [resolution: make sure you publish these on time!].  You are undoudtedly being bombarded about what you should be doing now that we are in a new year.  Go to the gym more, publish openly, review openly...etc. etc.  Some of these suggestions will be presented in a nice list form so that you can better share them or so that you can read it without really taking more than 3 minutes to read it.  Well we are no exception here, except with a dash of snark that we hope will encourage you to read and more importantly to act.

Publish your peer reviews, publish your journal clubs. Here’s why:

  1. Because we said so!
  2. Journal clubs are tremendously valuable. There’s no good reason we should not be publishing them.
  3. You now have a place that you can publish them and get the standard tools previously only afforded to journal articles (DOI & permanent archival). Submit!
  4. You get another “publication” to stack on your resume.  You did it, right? Well why not get credit for it?
  5. Help the scientific community advance by adding critical remarks to the literature.  Others can learn from your work and you can learn from others work.
  6. What better way to train peer reviewers than to publish them openly. What better way to train critical thinking? 
  7. Make enemies…okay, we don’t think that will happen b/c your journal clubs/peer reviews will be fairly balanced and objective, right?
  8. This is more than just a comment box at the end of an article.  This is an article in itself, but it’s also a review.
  9. We are only adding this number because odd lists tend to get a better readership.  Proof.