Publish and Prosper

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Recently, we put out a call for students to publish their class work or independent research on The Winnower.  Our rationale was that new ideas and new voices should not be limited by an outdated publishing system/model.  We’re happy that our call was heard and happy to share with you some recent student publications on The Winnower.  What do you think?  Leave a review on any of the following:

On the Kalam Cosmological Argument

“The Kalam Cosmological Argument is an exercise in positive deist apology which aims to demonstrate that the existence of god can be inferred to be highly probable”

A Parent's Nightmare

Recently, a 20-month-old boy went from being a vivacious toddler to an incapacitated child, losing his spark in a matter of days. First, red bumps developed all over his face, body and arms. But when the mysterious illness progressed to uncontrolled tongue thrusting and hand twitching, his family immediately sought medical attention. As the mysterious disease took over his body, his family watched their precious son retreat, speaking less and losing interactive interest.”

Vaccines for Tumours: Melanoma

“A 56-year-old barrister had a stage III malignant melanoma removed from his hand but within 7 months had developed secondary tumours (metastases) in his vertebrae. He joined a clinical trial of experimental multi-epitope vaccination and developed pale non-tumorous skin patches (vitiligo) and autoimmune eye disease (posterior uveitis).”

Catching Cancer

“ In the past 30 years one such disease, a contagious cancer, has emerged posing an existential threat to the species. The cancer, devil tumor facial disease, is of non-viral origin and is spread by biting which has enabled it to disseminate throughout the devil population, in-and-between different geographic loci.” 

How has technology changed the shopping process?

“Comparing the publishing industry to the retail industry, we can see that there are many similarities. First off, the online shopping industry has taken over the process of going to the store, picking out items, and taking it up to cashiers for payment. Traditional book publishing can be seen as being very similar where authors no longer go to an agent to submit their manuscript. Agents do not need to be in the middle anymore.” 

Computational Modeling of Volcanism on Earth-like Planets

“Planetary volcanism brings together many different fields of science. It is well known that terrestrial planets have evidence of volcanism. However, there is no current model for the time-evolution of volcanic activity on Earth-like planets. To make accurate predictions of the Earth’s internal temperature field, we first require an understanding of Earth’s interior, much of which eludes direct measurement.”

Technology in the Publishing and Fast Food Industries

“Publishing and fast food are, on the surface, two very different industries. One sells books, the other food, and the way they do it is very different.”

Hybrid Cars, Hybrid Books: A comparison of the print and digital publishing industry, and the automotive industry

“It is often argued and debated that the future of digital publications will cause the complete death and disappearance of print books as we know it today. Ewan Morrison even argues that within 25 years, the digital revolution will cause the extinction of print books, and that writers will earn next to nothing for their work (Morrison, 2011).” 

Imbalance is not an impediment: understanding the natural imbalances of Sex and B-chromosomes in species by understanding cancer karyotypes

Typical species karyotypes, however, are largely composed of balanced karyotypes. While chromosomal balance appears to be the standard, there exist two classes of chromosomes that display a natural existing imbalance, namely, sex chromosomes and B-chromosomes.  To understand the behavior of these “normal” aneuploidies I compare and contrast their behavior to aneuploid chromosomes in cancer.”

Technological Effects on Advertising in the Publishing and Pharmaceutical Industries

“Within the last 20 years, technology has influenced many aspects of both the publishing and the pharmaceutical industries. Yes, these industries may be incredibly different from each other, but the fact of the matter is that both are consumer industries that aim to sell product for profit.”