It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Open-Access Man!

Photo from @r2rc

Okay, there is no such thing as super open-access man, but if there were Juan Pablo Alperin may fit that role.  He’s been seen wearing an open-access cape at conferences, he has just finished a PhD at Stanford studying how open-access impacts the public in Latin America, and he is an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University in their Publishing Program.  He is, to be short, amazing, and he is joining The Winnower.  We couldn't be more excited!!

As one of the earliest users, Juan Pablo has consistently provided guidance and advice to The Winnower team, not because he had to but because he cares about improving scholarly publishing. Indeed, he has dedicated much of his adult life towards this aim.  He joins The Winnower as our Chief Academic and will be an integral part in shaping how the Winnower is run and how it evolves in the coming years. He provides extensive knowledge and experience dealing with both technical and social challenges present in scholarly publishing. So, please welcome Juan on Twitter (@juancommander) or via email (!