I Can Haz DOI & Archival for reddit?

The Winnower & Snoo

The largest interface between scientists and the public is not through scientific journals, but through reddit, the so-called front page of the Internet.  reddit, a forum wherein millions of registered users submit content from across the web and then rank it through “upvotes” or “downvotes,” is…how do we put this for scholars? VERY STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT (p<0.00000000001). Okay, that p-value is made up but with over 150 million unique visitors drawn to the site per month it is safe to say that reddit has a large reach on scholars and the public as a whole.

Today we are excited to announce that The Winnower will be publishing, archiving, and issuing DOIs to all past, present, and future AMAs in r/science.  We think this will have at least three positive outcomes:

1)    reddit AMAs will become increasingly recognized academically as a source of valuable outreach for the participants.

2)    More scientists will be willing to participate in asking and answering questions (students and professors).

3)    Valuable content being created on reddit will be afforded the same scholarly tools as original research in the largest scholarly journal, including long-term archival.

Because we will be cross-posting the content of the AMAs to the Winnower this also presents us the opportunity of cleaning up the presentation of AMAs.  We are still working on the formatting, but hope you already find the AMAs more pleasing to look at. We hope this is “upvoteable” to you!

Here is the first reddit r/science AMA with DOI: 

Here is the DOI displayed on reddit

More to come, past and future!