Beyond the Standard Article

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Let your ideas roar. Photo by Karen Roe

The Winnower is not your typical scholarly publisher.  We’re not restrictive of word length, citation count, color figures, or even article type.  Scholarly discourse doesn’t need to always follow the traditional scholarly outline and we’d like to highlight examples published on the Winnower where it doesn’t.  We hope this will encourage others to publish their “out of the article” ideas.

Conference proceedings: Future of Research - How Can We Improve Career Awareness and Preparedness? A workshop at the NatureJobs Career Expo Boston 2015

Response to NIH RFI:  A response to NIH request for information on optimizing funding policies and other strategies to improve the impact and sustainability of biomedical research.

Logistics for organizing a symposium: Logistics of Organizing the FOR Symposium

Class Essays: Imbalance is not an impediment: understanding the natural imbalances of Sex and B-chromosomes in species by understanding cancer karyotypes

Open Letters: Open Letter to The American Association for the Advancement of Science

Peer reviews: Pre-publication review of: Reagent and laboratory contamination can critically impact sequence-based microbiome analyses 

Grant proposals: Mechanochemistry at the Single Bond Limit: Towards `Deterministic Epitaxy'