"A More Open World of Science"


It was a year ago that the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian tweeted  “Scientific publishing + reddit= thewinnower.com and hopefully a more open world of science”

A year later we get closer to that description with the release of a feature we have been talking about and working on for sometime—the ability to publish blog posts, websites, and other content on The Winnower by simply inputting the URL of the site/content you wish to publish (try it here!).  This means that individuals will be able to take advantage of traditional archival services and will be able to assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to their content with a few simple clicks. We recently released a Wordpress plugin that allows bloggers to take advantage of this and since then we’ve seen tons of great publications from around the world by professors, students, and individuals with no academic affiliation.  We think scientists/scholars of every level and of every nationality have ideas to share and we want to make it easy for these ideas to be shared and discussed.  We hope this release further increases the diversity of ideas and voices in science.  Last, we hope that this does lead to a more open world of science, our raison d'être.  As always, we’re listening to you so let us know what works, doesn’t work, and any ideas or critiques you may have!