40 Reasons For Open-Access & Post-Publication Peer Review

  1. Increases readers ability to find relevant literature
  2. Increases visibility of researchers work 
  3. Increases citations of researchers work
  4. Pace of research increases substantially
  5. Feedback is much faster
  6. Interdisciplinary research is made easier
  7. Public investments can go further
  8. Public can be better informed
  9. More informed electorate
  10. Ideas can move forward at a much faster pace
  11. Collaboration is possible with more ease
  12. Saves time
  13. Saves money
  14. Developing nations will have access to cutting edge research
  15. Medical Doctors in developing world will have access to first world knowledge
  16. Lowers the barrier for students and underfunded researchers to publish
  17. Eliminates the bottleneck of editors
  18. Primary schools will have access to greater information
  19. Schools around the world that can’t afford access to scientific research will have access
  20. Removes or limits the amount of political influence in ideas
  21. Promotes the advancement of research
  22. More sharing/transparency leads to better research
  23. Levels the playing field which allows for more competition and better ideas
  24. The public is made more aware of current advancements
  25. More transparency
  26. Ideas that have been held up by traditional process can come forward
  27. Scientists are encouraged to publish the whole story
  28. Scientists are encouraged to publish “negative” work
  29. Makes peer review transparent
  30. Improves peer review
  31. Scientists can publish MORE ideas
  32. Democratic publishing, editing, peer review
  33. Research will be easier to conduct
  34. Save Universities money by lowering the cost for access
  35. Put the power back in the hands of scientists and out of select editors at journals
  36. Increase accountability for peer review
  37. Status quo will be challenged more often
  38. The costs associated are 1/20th of traditional publishing
  39. Easier to get your ideas out regardless of politics/age/funding
  40. Because