The Crumley Spreadsheet


If you don’t want to look at pictures of gradual change every day then you can just come back to this spreadsheet to see the numbers change and then you can look to see what days something new happened and find the corresponding images through the blog. If I remember to, I may link blog posts with activity to the day number in the spreadsheet, which would be a great idea (but like I said, if I remember).

Update: slide all the way over to the right to see links to the image notes from this notebook corresponding to that day.

Update 2: I added the original Crumley Data on a separate sheet, and I began plotting the percent germination in real time. Currently I’m not sure how to label each line in Google Spreadsheets. I can’t find a way to do it, but I’ll mention it here:

  • Blue – DI water
  • Red – 33% D2O
  • Orange – 66% D2O
  • Green – 99.9% D2O
  • Purple – DDW
  • Not shown – di water, no seeds

BTW: It took me a while to figure out how to do this because Google Docs changed their appearance and formatting yet again. In order to embed a Google Doc in the new format there is a “Collaborate” menu along with the usual “File, Edit, etc” menus. No longer can you go to the “Share” button and select “Publish as web page” because that button has been removed (it is not just the original share button that let’s you set documents as public and determine who you want to share with).


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