Repeating Crumley 4: The Setup

  • Anthony Salvagno

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet since the setup is nearly identical to the setup for RC3. That can be found here (nice and big link for visibility). Here are the big changes to the setup:

  • I used Viriginia Gold #1 tobacco seeds because I forgot I used the totally awesome Cuban cigar seeds in the last batch. Bad Anthony…
  • I also used Columbia arabidopsis seeds.
  • I did not count 30 seeds per sample. This time I poured seeds and counted until the number of seeds per sample was over 30. This way I can try and enhance the number of seeds in the middle of the sample. This was very helpful with the arabidopsis setup, because the seeds are much smaller than the tobacco seeds and have more attraction/repulsion from the analyslide and weigh paper. As I found out the hard way, something like 60% of the seeds would end up in the sample container and the rest would disappear into oblivion.
  • I omitted the DDW samples and will not take any pictures of the control, but will note if anything extraordinary happens in this sample. I figure it is really boring to see pictures of water everyday. I omitted the DDW samples so I can make room for the arabidopsis samples (because I can only fit 8 samples right now).
  • There are 4 samples per organism. DI, 33% D2O, 66% D2O, and 99.9% D2O, just as Crumley intended.

Originally, I had Alex (this person again? Who is he/she?) help me with the seed counting on Monday. I realized that I was out of D2O and ordered some. I didn’t get the D2O until yesterday and the presorted seeds had been left out over 24 hours. Since seeds may start sprouting or doing things in light and air, I trashed those seeds and started anew.

I assure you that I used D2O this time. Let’s repeat Crumley! (Day 1 pics to come later today.)



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