Wild plants of Chandigarh - Specimen 2 (Hyacinth bean )

  • Anu Prabha

Wild plants of Chandigarh – Specimen 2 (Hyacinth bean )

Botanical name – Dolichos lablab)

Family – Fabaceae

Collection site – Sec-47, Chandigarh

Habitat – Wild

Habit – Climber near dumping ground            

Leaf – Compound, trifoliate

Inflorescence – Raceme

Flower – Bisexual, zygomorphic, polypetalous, didynamus (1+9), papilionaceous  corolla, creamish-white in  colour,  style, simple and  linear

Fruit – Slightly curved flattened pods

Economic importance – A vegetable crop, green matter can be used as fodder or organic manure, excellent nitrogen fixer.

Foldscope description – When the different parts were seen under a foldscope, anther lobes with mass of pollen, trichomes were seen along the style of the flower. The pollen were spherical in shape with smooth exine.

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