Identification keys of storage pest: Confused flour beetle- #Indiafoldscopephase 1

  • Soumitra Banerjee

Assumed pest: Confused flour beetle(Tribolium confusum)

Confused flour beetle attacks stored grains and stored foods. Adults and larvae feed on broken kernels and finely ground materials in grain storages, flour mills, warehouses and wherever grain or grain products are stored.

Morphological characteristics (as observed under foldscope)

  • Adults are approximately 3 – 4 mm long and reddish brown
  • The antennae segments increase in size gradually from the base to the tip to form a club of four segments(Fig 1)
  • Elytra with unit shapes almost square, parallel-sided striations( Fig 2)
  • 4 segments in tarsus of  hind leg( Fig 3)


Fig. 1: Antenna of Confused flour beetle under foldscope


Fig. 2: Elytra of Confused flour beetle under foldscope


Fig. 3: Hind leg of Confused flour beetle under foldscope





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