Identification keys of storage pest: Cowpea weevil- #Indiafoldscopephase 1

  • Soumitra Banerjee

Infestation found in: Horse gram

Fig: Infested Horse gram pulse

Macrostructure image of infested pest:

Fig: Infested pest found in Horse gram pulse

Assumed pest: Cowpea weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus)

Morphological characteristics (observed under foldscope)

  • Antenna is slightly serrate from the fourth through apical segment(Fig 1)
  • Elytra with bristle like parallel lines along with hairs and with two black spots(Fig 2)
  • Bears a tooth near the apical end of femur ridge and tarsus of the hind leg is composed of 4 segments(Fig 3)
  • Hind wing with folding lines and has dot like cells between the lines( Fig 4)

Fig. 1: Antennae of Cowpea weevil under foldscope


Fig. 2: Elytra of Cowpea weevil under foldscope


Fig. 3: Hind leg of Cowpea weevil under foldscope


Fig. 4: Hind wing of Cowpea weevil under foldscope



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