The eye of a tiny insect floating in water

  • Praveen Rahi

Hi this is Rohan Marwein, on the 14th of November, we the students of Me.E.C.L Secondary School Umiam from the 10th standard went for a small journey to the Panshet Dam, near Pune.

With the presence of 3 instructors, there we were told to find some samples from our surroundings and to observe it under a foldscope microscope. Though it was a very challenging task for each and every one of us but still we all could manage to observe one sample each under the foldscope microscope.

Within the surrounding, I was able to find a tiny black and grey colored insect from the river. There, I  dissected the eye of that particular insect with a sharp blade and carefully placed it on the glass slide and covered it through a coverslip. Then I inserted that glass slide under the foldscope microscope to observe it more clearly and to get a clear maximized zoom image of the eye. Using my phone I could see very tiny particles which were not visible through our naked eye. Within it, I could observe a small yellow rounded shaped structures with black dots in it. On the rounded edges of the eye, I could also observe a small snaked shaped structures in it.

[video width=”640″ height=”352″ mp4=”″][/video]




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