Poster presentation on Foldscope

  • Samriti Dhawan

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A poster presentation was done by our team of GGDSD College at National symposium on “Current Trends and Future Prospects in Biotechnology”- BIOcAMP – 18. The event was organized by, Department of Biotechnology, Society for Biological Engineering (SBE-UIET), Panjab University, Chandigarh Sponsored by – TEQIP-III.

Poster presentations were held on first day of the program. We presented multifarious applications of foldscope and work done by our team in symposia. Foldscope prove to be a magnetic tool as it attracts people very quickly because of its quick and easy utility. We carried out live demonstration of foldscope as well to interested people. Teachers, Researchers, Young students both from engineering and science streams were keenly observing the foldscope. Many of them were interested to work with foldscope and want to procure it for their own use.

Some of the glimpses of the event.

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