From Wetlands to Science City,Kapurthala - Igniting the Young minds

  • harcharan dua

From Ropar Wetlands, the GGDSD team headed towards Pushpa Gujaral Science city (Kapurthala in Punjab). On the way we explored the biodiversity of Punjab.

It is the biggest project of its kind in North India set up in 72 acres of Land in the heart of Punjab. Science city has been planned to inculcate the scientific aptitude and temperament in young minds.  The subject areas covered include Natural and social sciences, agriculture, health sciences, human evolution, ecosystems, Jurassic park as well as frontier areas like space, nuclear science, robotics and biotechnology.

The students were apprised of the adverse effects of Global warming at Climate Change Theatre. From there we moved on to Dinosaur park, where the extinct Dinosaurs could be seen. The Space Planetorium and the Bird Gallery showing birds of different states was a favourite with all.

All the explorations were a part of the Foldscope walk held to Ignite the young minds organized by FoldscopeTeam@GGDSD College, Chandigarh on 17th October, 2018.

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