Nature walk to Botanical garden

  • Samriti Dhawan

As a part of series of workshops and visits under DBT sponsored project on Using Foldscope as a teaching and educational tool.  A group of around 50 Students of GGDSD College, Chandigarh visited the P. N Mehra Botanical Garden, situated in the P.U. Campus on 13th Sep 2018.

The visit was organized to study the Biodiversity of plants. The P. U Botanical garden, with its serene surroundings is a paradise for nature lovers. The garden is well managed and is an extension of the Botany Department of P.U, Chandigarh.

The students were apprised of the rare and endemic species growing in the garden. A perfect place for conservation of plants, education and research, the garden is a plethora of biodiversity for knowledge seekers.

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The major highlights of the garden are the bamboos, the Cactus house, Fern house, Orchid’s hut, the water pond with a lush of Lotus and water lilies.

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Mr. Gurdev Singh who is in himself an encyclopedia of plants addressed the students.

Many of them have attended the foldscope workshops held in the college and they utilized their skills of foldscopy  in this visit. Students  spent entire day  collected samples of various ornamental and medicinal plants.  Prepared slides and observed them using foldscope on the spot.

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They dispersed after having hearty snack of their choice finishing day’s long work.


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