Anthracnose of Cow pea-#Indiafoldscopephase 1

  • Meghashree H M

Stored dried pods of cowpea pods got infected and we observed black spots all over the pods.

Fig: Infected cow pea pods

It may be Anthracnose. Anthracnose is mainly a seed-borne disease caused by a fungus which has a wide host range on many legume species. This disease can cause serious losses in bean crops in temperate and subtropical zones. Anthracnose is caused by Colletotrichum spp. Mycelium and spores were observed under foldscope.


Fig:Colletotrichum spores along with mycelia and setae

And also we found some structure that we don’t know.

The infected pod was kept in a test tube with water for many days and there was sever spoilage and that water was taken in microslide and observed under foldscope. Large number of live microbial infestation was found along with spores, as show in the video.

Fig: Spores we found after many days

[video width=”720″ height=”1280″ mp4=”″][/video]


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