Floral Trichomes in bottle gourd

  • harcharan dua

After the interactive session on Sir Antony Van Leeuwenhoek @ GGDSD College, it was the time of revealing the secrets of nature with the foldscope. I came across the gourd vine growing along the caretaker’s cottage.

The bottle gourd – Lagenaria is a vigorous growing, annual vine with large leaves and a lush appearance. The vine climbs by means of stem tendrils. It bears either male or female flowers. 

The petals are ribbed and have wavy margins. The corolla is glabrous and covered with trichomes. The trichomes were observed to be short or long,  multi-cellular, uniseriate, cylindrical with a tapering apical cell. These appeared to be glandular trichomes, as some exudation could be noticed at the tips.


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