Foldscope as a teaching and learning aid @ GGDSD, Chandigarh

  • Jasveen Dua

After Foldscope awareness workshops, now the students @GGDSD, Chandigarh are using Foldscope in their routine practicals.  One such practical on anatomical study on Coralloid root of Cycas was performed by students using Foldscope.

Cycas is a common ornamental Gymnosperm of great importance. It forms normal geotropic roots as well as symbiotic, apo-geotropic coralloid roots. Students prepared safranine stained mounts of Coralloid roots to observe the tannin cells and study the algal zone formed as a result of symbiotic association.


Usage of Foldscope in routine practicals


Dark coloured Tannin cells seen in roots of Cycas plant

Centre Vasculature and Algal zone in T.S of Coralloid roots


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