Fungal growth on sheath of corn cob

  • Gagandeep Singh

I had gone for roasted corn cob (called Bhutta  in my native language), when I landed on this foldscope adventure. Corn cobs are a delicacy in monsoons, however, before the vendor could roast it on charcoal fire, I noticed black moldy growth on the outer layer of the corn husk.


Surprisingly, another fungal disease symptom – a rotting spot was also visible on the same husk. I took the unroasted cob and under the foldscope viewed the different types of fungi.


I think the moldy growth could be a saprophytic fungus feeding on dead plant material due to humid conditions in the rainy season.




Both the types of fungi together 

But the conidiophores like structures were clearly noticed in the other ring spot on the cob covering.





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