Desi Badam pollen

  • varuni P

Here’s a Badam tree (Terminalia catappa) flowering :

When I was trying to get pollen I found this well camouflaged spider hanging around:

Not sure if it’s a pollinator or it’s lurking around for pollinators……

Even after avoiding our spider friend, plucking flowers and squashing anthers did not work very well — the pollen was surprisingly hard to find!! I had to take the cello-tape directly to the flowers and brush them with it. Anyway, here’s its pollen:

For scale bars, I used the method described in this post about measuring with a Foldscope.

Badam pollen looks really tiny and delicate (only one of those things is actually true). I estimate the pollen grains to be about 25 microns in length (and as far as I can tell, has 3 furrows on the coat so, as expected, is a Tricolpate).

You can see that from this video where I go up an down in Z:

Here’s the pollen at the same magnification (200×200 micron squares) as other things:

Grid line (100 microns) and T. catappa pollen


(compare these to C. pulcherrima and M. koenigii)


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