Karuvaipillai Pollen

  • varuni P

Karuvaipillai (Murraya koenigii) is flowering now!

Here is some pollen from the flowers:

Here is the same pollen after a couple of hours in glycerol:

(The black lines in the background are the 1mm grid — would be good to have a more detailed grid to allow for generating a scale bar….)


I tried to calibrate these images of pollen:

It seems like M. koenigii pollen are pretty uniform: 32-36 microns in length. Using this, not only can I get more pollen lengths, but also, from the third image, where I can see the colpi of one pollen grain, I can estimate the inner and outer diameters of the pollen to be 7 microns and 11 microns respectively. (For a more detailed discussion see this post about measurement.)


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