Day 7: Lichen culture-- part 2

  • Lakshminarayan Iyer

Continuing from my previous post, the April22-plate 3 was really remarkable. Without much ado, here is a sampling of what I saw. Looking forward to your feedback and also can you identify the mystery objects:

1. Nematode (Nematode-24728-1-LI): A fairly large nematode. You can see the pharynx and a bit of the digestive track. There might be some eggs too.

2. Bdelloid Rotifer.

3. Tardigrade. A sluggish tardrigrade.

4.  A Tetrahymena-like ciliate (Ciliate-24728-4-LI)

5.  This long ciliate is truly the star of this mix (Ciliate-24728-5-LI). It looks like Holotricha to me, but perhaps you could help me identify it.

6.  Amoeba (Amoeba-24728-6-LI, possibly Amoeboflagellate). Amoebae always fascinated me. Here is one which I think is the amoebic stage of the flagellate that follows. It is unipodal. Possibly belongs to the Vahlkampfia family.

7. Flagellate (Flagellate-24728-4-LI). I have been going between ciliate and flagellate for this. For now I think this is a flagellate. You can see a nice contractile vacuole.

8. What is this mystery object? Look at the Colpoda wikipedia page, and there might be hint there.

9.  Spherical bodies (Ciliate-24728-9-LI). I think these are cysting Coplodas or some such ciliate. Need to catch it encysting.

10 .If you are wondering whats feeding all these critters, look no further than the next video. Bacteria seem to be the main sustainers of these cultures.



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