Help me identify these ciliates and flagellates

  • Lakshminarayan Iyer

Without much ado, here are 5 unicellular eukaryotes that were growing in my lichen suspensions. These emerged after almost 4 weeks. I took these videos at the beginning of the year,  and only now found time to collate them. Could you help me identify these? BTW, even after 4 months, I have nematodes and rotifers thriving in these lichen suspension cultures. I am just wondering if one can make a lichen medium by just boiling it and using the filtrate.

See the videos for more details.

  1. Ciliate-21501-1-LI . A cowrie shaped ciliate.


2. Ciliate-21501-2-LI: A Paramecium like ciliate. Some really great footage of it exploring a transparent mass of material.

3. Ciliate-21501-3-LI

4. Flagellate-21501-4-LI : A photosynthetic flagellate. Perhaps a euglenoid.

6. Flagellate-21501-5-LI : A flagellate that had undergone a population explosion in the lichen culture. Some experiments wiht illumination are also seen in the video.



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