The secret about lice

  • Aditi Iyer

On December the 6th I got lice on my head. I was curious to see what it was. So me and my Dad took two lice that I had on my head and put it under the Foldscope. I learned lots of new things about lice. I learned that lice are insects because they have six legs. I saw that the antenna had five brick-like things in the adult louse and four brick like things in the young-ling. I read they are called flagellomeres. I saw that the lice digested my blood in its gut. In the microscope I saw that there are two claws on the legs. One was big and shaped like a hook and the other one was small and shaped like a baby hook.  It looked like a thumb and the index finger.  I learned that when the louse is dead the blood becomes dark red. From the two lice, I saw that the big one and the small one looked a bit different from each other.

I decided to draw all the parts of the big and small louse using a projection. If you look below my pictures are there.

Happy New Year.

Aditi Iyer

  1. Small louse


2.  Big Louse  Head


Big Louse right side


Big Louse-Left side


Big Louse rear-side






All put together.



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