Investigating Impact Metrics for Performance for the US-EPA National Center for Computational Toxicology

This presentation was presented at the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia in August 2016

DAY & TIME OF PRESENTATION: Sunday, August, 21, 2016 from 4:10 PM – 4:30 PM
ROOM & LOCATION: Room 112B – Pennsylvania Convention Center

Title: Investigating Impact Metrics for Performance for the US-EPA National Center for Computational Toxicology

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Computational Toxicology Program integrates advances in biology, chemistry, and computer science to help prioritize chemicals for further research based on potential human health risks. This work involves computational and data driven approaches that integrate chemistry, exposure and biological data. We have delivered public access to terabytes of open data, as well to a large number of publicly accessible databases and applications, to support the research efforts for a large community of scientists. Many of our contributions to science are summarily described in research papers but  to date we have not optimized our contributions to  inform altmetrics statistics associated with our work. Critically missing from altmetrics is access to our numerous software applications and web service accesses, as well as the growing importance of our experimental data and models (e.g ToxCast, ExpoCast, DSSTox and others) to the scientific and regulatory communities.  This presentation will provide an overview of our efforts to more fully understand, and quantify, our impact on the environmental sciences using a combination of our measurement approaches and available altmetrics tools. This abstract does not reflect U.S. EPA policy.

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