A Series of Visual Notes by Peter Wilkins Pertaining to the “Poetics of the Algorithm” Conference (Liège, June 16-18 2016)

  • Peter Wilkins

Poetics of the Algorithm poster (fragment)


This output is composed of a series of visual notes pertaining to the “Poetics of the Algorithm” conference organized by the ACME group at the University of Liége, Belgium, on June 16-18 2016. These notes were taken during the presentations and are accompanied by representations of the speaker themselves.

These visual notes do not seek to capture the entirety of the arguments presented, but rather to provide a snapshot and keepsake of the event, while also pointing towards the concepts and references around which these presentations were structured. While these drawings were shared on social networks during the conference, they were meant as a form of personal note-taking and may therefore reflect the idiosyncrasies of the note-taker more than those of the presenters themselves.

These visual notes are by Peter Wilkins.


comics scholarship; comics studies; visual notes; graphic scholarship; conference proceedings

Visual Notes

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