Skeleton Shrimp (Caprella) - day 2 of Hopkins course

  • Saad Bhamla

Today i managed to put it in a skeleton shrimp in my foldscope.


Here’s a video showing blood flowing through the shrimp. It’s incredible. You can see individual hemocytes speeding along.

I took a longer video with H, who studies these Caprella as a model organism, and she explained different features to us, including spotting a beating heart! I have to share a disclaimer that this particular shrimp is a female and we actually anesthetized, to extract the embryos, but looked like it wasn’t going to make it, and you’ll notice its heart beat is extremely low – i counted 2 beats separated by 8 seconds or so..


For those interested, here is a whole dissection video, but this was on a stereo microscope showing how we extracted the embryos for staining.


Finally, the class group is posting more pictures/videos live on to a class tumblr right here, in case you want to follow. I will share my foldscope videos and posts there, while simultaneously post long posts here directly on microcosmos too.








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