Repeating Crumley: Seed Growth vs Time

As you know I posted pictures of the seed growth every day. Well a couple of days ago I decided to organize the pictures by sample in one post as opposed to by day. This way you can see the growth of each sample over the 15 day period. The posts are already posted but I figured I would compile the links here with some commentary so you know what’s up.

As you can see trial one wasn’t a huge success in this regard because every so often I would shift the seeds around. It makes it hard to track each individual seed, but with that said there are some obvious things you can take away:

  • You can really see the growth over time. It’s hard to keep track on any given seed in each sample, but on an average you can really get a feel for how quickly these seeds develop compared to the other samples (ie the stuff in di water grew first compared to the stuff in 66% D2O).
  • You can track the evaporation rate decently enough. This was a major problem towards the end of the experiment and you can really see its effect.

Overall I’d say I did a decent job with this experiment given that it was a first try. I’ve managed to improve some things for Try 2 and I’ll be making more improvements when it comes to Try 3, which hopefully will be good enough for an official experiment.

BTW: The plugin I used to create the slideshows is called Portfolio Slideshow.


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