Repeating Crumley: Day 6

Here are today’s results.

And the notes: All seeds showing advanced germination (meaning longer than just a white tip) by my eye exhibit some form of root fro. As per usual it is most prevalent in the deuterium depleted water but this time the di water samples aren’t far behind. While it isn’t noticeable yet in 66% D2O samples, there is some root fro in the 33% samples, but I think it is too soon to tell if the fro compares with that in the ddw/di water samples because the germination isn’t as far along in that sample compared to the others. Right now I’d say the fro’s are just puffs.

It was suggested by Bill Hooker in the comments for Day 5’s results that I point out what I am determining is sufficient germination for the seed to be counted. If you look at the 66% D2O sample there are three seeds towards the bottom with white tips (not close to each other) and I would say that is sufficient germination for sure. That is probably the make or break point. Any less than that and it’s hard to tell if it’s germinating or if the seed coat is just becoming a lighter color, which apparently it does once it starts absorbing water.


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