Science publishing is expensive—it doesn’t need to be.

It’s free to post on The Winnower but we charge authors to assign a digital object identifier (DOI) and to permanently archive their work(s) with CLOCKSS (coming soon!). We offer three options .


$25 / DOI

It is free to post, free to read, and free to review for all members. Standard members can “publish” (assign a DOI, get Altmetrics, and archive the work with CLOCKSS) for $25 USD per publication. Great for the occasional work!


$25.00 / month

As a premium member you get the same benefits as a standard member, but you can publish for less money. Post and review as much as you want, and publish up to two times per month for $25 ($12.50 per publication). That’s half the price of a standard member!


$200.00 / year

As a super member you get all the benefits the Winnower has to offer and you can publish as much as you want in a year for $200 USD. The best value for regular contributors.

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