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Did Charles Darwin go to a R1 institution?

Darwin_InstagramWith the large influx of money into science (think 50 years timescale not 1-2) science has changed from a hobby to a profession.  What was once a pursuit for the truth has transitioned to a pursuit for truth that is dominated by careerism and posturing.  Certain Nature editors are calling young scientists inconsequential and anonymous peers on Pubpeer are calling papers less credible because they are co-authored by graduate students.  So what does credibility in science even mean?  Data is data and it doesn’t change if someone from Harvard collects it or someone inside a garage collects it, right citizen scientists?

Hi My Name is h=6. What’s your name?


Photo by Marcin Wichary One of my favorite sayings came from my grandfather.  Towards the end of his life, a professor of 50 years, he recounted how science had changed to “become more about the prizes and less about the surprises.”  Sadly he was right, scientists have become the sum […]

The Grain and The Chaff


Photo by Ryan Kilpatrick Science is a complex undertaking involving many different ideas, personalities, and motivations.  Scientists are, to be short, human and as humans we make great strides and great follies both worthy of story.  It’s for these reasons that The Winnower will publish two different series once launched, […]

Henry Bourne: Do The Experiment!


This week we interviewed Henry Bourne, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at University of California San Francisco.  Bourne, after a long productive career in research, has recently turned his attention to understanding how the scientific establishment operates.  His recent publications, The Writing on The Wall, A Recipe for Mediocrity […]

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